This Christmas I wanted to give back and I hope to share my art with others. I am selling my paintings and donating half of the profits to the Tangmama Charity Center here in Suzhou, China. My goal is raise ¥3000 ($500) to give clothing and toys to children who are unfortunate and without, this coming holiday season. Along with other artists here in Suzhou, we are offering a small collection of artworks to this cause and hoping to promote a charitable community through art. 


Tangmama Charity Centre is an official NGO which was founded on 27th February 2015. The centre organizes charity work to build a bridge that connects the people in need with the people who are willing to help. The purpose of the centre is to care for children in difficulties, carry forward the charity education and spread love to the society by getting involved in the help, education and growth of these children in need. Everybody wishes to help others, but most don't know how. The centre tries to make it easier for people to help by getting these people involved in the activities.

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