Please see below for frequently asked questions that may help you during your process. If you have any further questions you may contact us at

"Are there any limits to the length of the artist statement and the portfolio?"

The portfolio should be submitted in PDF format. There are no limits to the length, however we advise that only 8 to 12 photos are needed to show your work. Please attach the PDF for your application and send to along with transcripts, letter of recommendation and artist statement. 

"What I should put in the section of the application that says, ‘introduction.’ Is that where I put my artist’s statement? If so, what is the word limit?"

This section is an input of the artist; who they are and basic information about the artist's work. Artists are encouraged to send a summary of their artist statement. There is no word limit. 


"Could you please contact us about applying for the scholarship?"

For all questions please see the Scholarship Rules and FAQ page. We are not able to give specific advice to give all applicants a fair judgement of their work and development. 


"How do I know if I am eligible for this scholarship?"

Please check our Scholarship Rules page outlining eligibility.

"Do you have any advice for my child for getting him/her started to apply for scholarships?"

We are not at liberty to give advice for other scholarships that are not the Steadman Foundation Scholarship.


"I have an online portfolio and website and wanted to ask if that was fine to link in the email?"

It is preferred for applicant to send a PDF of their works. This is an industry standard for showing work and introducing an artist. 

"What is your policy on ownership and usage of the work (images) that are submitted as part of the application process?"

All images and information submitted for the Steadman Foundation Scholarship belong solely to the artist themselves. Certain information and images of the artist's artwork will be used in our Scholarship Winners page to introduce the winners of the project. Winners will be contacted for such information to be posted on the official page.