This holiday season, the Steadman Foundation is hosting our annual Christmas Charity Project Art exhibition. Last year we raised ¥3000 for the local charity Tangmama, which helps children in need with everything from providing clothing, school supplies and many other things that enhance their lives.This year, we will be hosting the show at HeartBeat studios here in Suzhou.

We are happy to anouce that Todd Jones is the 2019 Scholarship Project Winner for the Steadman Foundation. We received a lot of applications this year and chosing one candidate was quite hard but it was apparent that Todd was the best applicant. Please read below to learn more about Todd and his work. Congratulations!

The Scholarship Project is financial aid for students pursuing a subject in the field of art. Such scholarships are awarded based on academic and artistic merit, financial need or both. Art scholarships differ from other academic scholarships in that applicants are required to provide some extra information. The scholarship project only occurs during the three month period of June, July and August. The winner is announce in early September. 

This Christmas I wanted to give back and I hope to share my art with others. I am selling my paintings and donating half of the profits to the Tangmama Charity Center here in Suzhou, China. My goal was to raise ¥3000 ($500)to give clothing and toys to children who are unfortunate and without, this coming holiday season. Along with other artists here in Suzhou, we are offering a small collection of artworks to this cause and hoping to promote a charitable community through art. 

The Steadman Foundation would like to introduce it's directors Mason Daly and Rory Smith. As teachers in the international sector, they understand the importance of education and supporting creative young minds for developing knowledge. 

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