The Steadman Foundation provides support and education through three main projects. These projects are carried out all year long while being focused on the development and creativity of emerging/established artists. For inquiries about the current status of our projects please contact us at

In collaboration with the foundation and individual donors, Steadman Foundation offers one visual art scholarships annually graduating high school students or enrolled college students who wish to develop their artistic potential and study in the arts. The Scholarship award enables artists to fund their projects and pay for supplies needed to expand their creativity. The Scholarship recipient is selected through a juried process and the award is for $1,000.

Please take special note of the following clarifications:

  • STF scholarships will not be awarded to the same student for two consecutive years.

  • The scholarship project will be open during June, July and August , during June and July applications can be received and in August interviews will occur.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, scholarship awards from STF and other organizations apply to instruction and materials only, and may not be applied to portions of meals and/or lodging costs.

  • Scholarships may not be transferred – they may only be used by student to whom STF awarded it, and must be used for the current school year. Unused scholarships are forfeited.

Follow the link to learn more: Scholarship PROJECT

Finding a direction in the art world is difficulty without the proper connections. Networking can be transparent if you aren't able to meet the right people, at the right place, at the right time. From personal experience, Sean Steadman knows the adversity to trying to place yourself as an artist or administrator in a gallery. The Bridge projects aims to bring together students and professionals in workshops and discussions to broaden the spectrum and help each other to develop in their artistic/creative fields. 

Special note of the following:

  • The Steadman Foundation does not guarantee any job or position through this networking programme.

  • The bridge project occurs during March, April and May. 

  • Speakers are chosen internally and do not speak or hold any representation for the Steadman Foundation (all views and ideals belong to the speaker and the speaker themselves and in no way reflect the foundation). 

Follow the link to learn more: BRIDGE PROJECT

The Steadman Foundation aims to support artists and community programs by selling art to the world. This is done by offering artists a chance to sell their works, together with the foundation, while donating half of the proceeds to a local charity. At the moment, the Steadman Foundations sells works online available to be to seen here.

Follow the link to learn more: CHARITY PROJECT