The Scholarship Project is financial aid for students pursuing a subject in the field of art. Such scholarships are awarded based on academic and artistic merit, financial need or both. Art scholarships differ from other academic scholarships in that applicants are required to provide some extra information. The scholarship project only occurs during the three month period of June, July and August. The winner is announce in early September. 

Who Can ApplY:

Students considering or currently enrolled in an art school or art-related major, including design, film/photography, fine arts, performing arts, music, and visual arts. Not everyone is eligible for this scholarship.


For any questions about applications please see FAQ:

How It Works:

This $1000 scholarship for art students can be used to pay for tuition, books, supplies, or any education-related expenses. The scholarship winner will be determined and then contacted directly and announced on the

 Scholarship Winners: page. One entry per person.

Please fill in the application below. Once you have submitted the application, you must then send an email with additional documents to establish your profile. Applicants must also submit a portfolio, an artist’s statement, letter of recommendation (optional but encouraged) and transcript(s). Candidates will then be notified upon receipt of their application. After a formal evaluation of the applicant's profile, applicants will be informed for a further interview. 

The interview will consist of a variety of questions that create a clear view of the applicant's potential and goals. these questions can be seen in the scholarship rules page. After careful consideration of all the components needed for the profile, the winner will be notified and awarded the scholarship in the coming school year. 


The Application Period is now Closed. 


Applicants must also submit a portfolio, an artist’s statement, letter of recommendation (optional but encouraged) and transcript(s) by August 1st, 2021 to info@steadmanfoundation.org. Be sure to send all materials together in one folder with your name on each file. Scholarship winners only will be notified by

September 1st, 2021.

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